Best Armadillo Repellent – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re dealing with an armadillo infestation, you’re likely wondering what the best repellent is to keep these pesky pests at bay. These creatures, originally from South America, have made their way to colder parts of the United States, particularly the nine-banded armadillos, and can often be found burrowing near homes or other structures in gardens. While they typically live on an insect-based diet and have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years, armadillos can also carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella, making their removal a top priority. In this article, we’ll explore the best armadillo repellent options to help you effectively deal with an infestation and keep your home and family safe.

Armadillo Infestation: Is It Dangerous?

armadillo repellent

While armadillos may seem like harmless creatures, they can cause significant damage to your property and carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella. Unlike ants or other common household pests, armadillos are exotic animals that have made their way to colder parts of the United States, particularly the nine-banded armadillo. If you have an armadillo infestation in your home or garden, it’s crucial to act quickly and find the right repellent, such as armadillo repellent home remedy, or consider commercial products, to effectively get rid of these pests.

Here, we’re going to explore the various types of repellents available on the market, including natural and chemical-based options, and the pros and cons of each. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and choose the best armadillo repellent to keep your property safe and secure.

What Is The Best Armadillo Repellent?

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1. Bonide (BND2361) – Repels-All Animal Repellent – Editor’s Choice

[amazon box=”B002ITKVKU” tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] This product is a mixture of ingredients that allows the nasal passages of animals to become slightly irritated. It activates the innate urge to escape/avoid and leaves the pest anytime an animal touches, feels, or smells the repels-All Animal Repellent. It is a biodegradable formula that, when used as intended, would not damage any wildlife, lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, or other desirable plants.

Easy to Apply and Long Repellent Effect

These biodegradable granules are designed to be sprayed around the periphery of your preferred treatment area, unlike wetting with standard oil or mist. If no rain is expected, it has a light water granule in after application, which can last up to 2 months.

Effective to Multiple Pests

This product is intended for repelling species of squirrel, deer, bunny, mouse, skunk, rat, beaver, raccoon, porcupine, bird, groundhog, and more species of rodents. Other than that, Armadillo is effectively deterred because the scent makes them much more agitated than the rodents mentioned.


Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent might be the one you’re looking for if you want to get rid of the pests in your houses without hurting them. However it may affect its effectiveness, some customers accounted that no pests are deterred by this product. Nevertheless, it’s a decent product to try.

  • For indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Doesn’t harm the animals
  • Biodegradable
  • Maybe a little expencive

2. Natural Armor Animal & Rodent Repellent Spray – Perfect Multipurpose Repellent

[amazon box=”B08CLXG7P5″ tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] This industrial repellent from Natural Armor comes in the shape of a spray that you can use both indoors and outdoors and is very easy to use. For indoor applications, it can be used in cellars, basements, attics, and crawl spaces. It may also be used on gardens, lawns, shrubs, bushes, furnishings, garbage cans, foundations, garages, pool houses and sheds, and other outdoor applications.

Long-Lasting Formula

The entire container is a waterproof formulation lasting up to 90 days and can protect 500 square feet, that doesn’t wash off easily. This armadillo repellent spray can deter skunks, raccoons, rodents, rabbits, deer, and other nuisance pests and wildlife from unwanted places, especially in your houses.

All Natural Ingredients and Fragrant

This repellent is produced from all-natural ingredients, so you can use it confidently around kids, pets as well as on your plants without harming them. You also don’t need to think about any bad smells because it has 4 different scents available for you to choose from: rosemary, mint, peppermint, and thyme.


Natural Armor Animal is the best spray in the market to repel armadillos using all-natural ingredients, this means that its effectiveness in deterring pests will not harm your kids, pets, and even your plants.

  • Easy to use
  • Acts as repellent and killer for pests
  • Doesn’t stink
  • No chemical added
  • Effectivity might vary from the fragrance you choose

3. Univerayo Coyote Deterrent Solar Predator Control Lights – Great in Effectiveness

[amazon box=”B07YFPC4GJ” tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] Fire and predator eyes are simulated by Univerayo predator animal repellent to protect your yard & property from harm caused by wild animals at night. The updated version continuously emits two blinking red LED lights to the predators that attack at night, giving wild animals, such as deer, coyotes, armadillos, raccoons, etc., a more powerful deterrent.

Efficient Solar Energy Batteries

During the day, the battery can be charged up to 5 hours using solar energy that can last for 12 hours at night. Your yard, gardens, orchards, chickens, cattle, property, garbage bins, and chicken coops can be protected by solar-powered predator deterrent light towards attack by nocturnal animals.

Weatherproof and Maintenance Free

The fully waterproof design of the solar predator deterrent light is also fully maintenance-free and is ideal for all weather conditions. To discourage nocturnal animals even in the off-season, it can be placed on the outside tree, trunk, stake, post, wall, or others.


Univerayo Coyote Deterrent Solar Predator Control Lights might be the best effective product when it comes to deterring armadillos and other animals to protect your yard, vegetation or poultries. This is a modern way to get rid of the animals you’ve been worrying about for a long time, and its effectiveness will not be questioned.

  • Deters animals in humane way
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy setup
  • A completely waterproof design
  • Expensive

4. Yard Gard Organic Armadillo Repellent – Ideal Organic

[amazon box=”B00449B2QE” tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] Animal Repellents from Yard Gard are made from organic ingredients and are absolutely safe for kids and pets who can play in your yard. Not only are Yard Gard repellents effective, but they have a proprietary formula for time release that enables the repellent to last for months. It covers an application of 5000 square feet and it is simple to apply.

Castor Oil Infused

This product Contains red pepper calcareous castor oil and binding agent. So, It can discourage armadillos more successfully by using a concentrated castor oil blend in its formulation. It’s also good for plants and vegetation, without harming them.

Organic Ingredients

This repellent, formulated from a combination of natural and organic ingredients, was created to mitigate and eliminate any Armadillo activity inside the premises of your house. The watering lawn allows the ingredient to be released slowly for long-lasting benefits.


Yard Gard Organic Armadillo Repellent is one of the best organic armadillo repellents out there, it is infused with castor oil that is proven to make armadillos more effective than other substances. Overall, this product is a smart choice to consider when buying an armadillo repellent.

  • Smooth application
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Deter armadillos for months
  • Covers 5000 square feet
  • Might need a heavier application

5. Pure Coyote Urine by Lenon Animal Lures – Best to Eliminate Fear

[amazon box=”B0881DG9K6″ tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] This product is the solution to your problems with pests killing your shrubs and burning up your backyard. This product tricks deer, raccoon, possum, and other rodents into believing that a coyote is nearby so that they can go to find their meal elsewhere. It’s all-natural and it mimics wild animal behavior. No animals are harmed and it’s quick to use.

All Natural and Ready to Use

Lenon Animal Lures’ all-natural and urine-based repellent is safe for your plants and landscape, it also effectively steers away Armadillos and other animals lurking in your backyard. The repellent comes in a ready-to-use liquid formula.

Lure for Beginners

This lure is intended for beginner trappers who do not have an ideal set position for anyone trapping in places where there is a lack of decent set visibility, it is also effective in very cold weather for more catching power.


Pure Coyote Urine by Lenon Animal Lures is an all-natural urine lure ideal for deterring animals by making them think that a coyote is around the area. However, this product smells unpleasant making some discomfort for the people around the applied area.

  • Strong cover scent
  • Effective
  • Available in a different gallon size
  • Used also to protect valuable plants and trees
  • The smell is unpleasant

6. Prima Spice Hot Cayenne Pepper – Excellent Kitchen-Use Repellent

[amazon box=”B08HMGLSX1″ tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] Since these species do not like the scent of spicy spices, Cayenne pepper deters armadillos effectively. Armadillos, like many burrowing species, have poor eyesight but have an exceptionally sensitive nose. They are pushed into your yard by the scent of mosquitoes and other insects, so sprinkling a cayenne pepper will deter them instantly because Armadillos don’t like the intense smell, and they’ll probably be looking for food somewhere.

The Versatility of Cayenne Pepper

To deter Armadillos more efficiently, Cayenne pepper can be blended with distinct formulations. They dislike the scent of ammonia, vinegar, and mothballs, and you can even add substances dependent on garlic and castor oil. Surely, Cayenne pepper with an added concoction would definitely fend off armadillos.

Sturdy Packaging and Wide Application of Repellent

This product is packed in a sturdy airtight cube that won’t break like plastic jug containers that are transparent, so it can be easily handled everywhere your armadillo problems might be. Aside from armadillo, this spice can also deter dogs from digging and unwanted cats, squirrels, gophers, deer, rabbits, and many more.


Prima Spice Hot Cayenne Pepper might be the best natural home solution for deterring armadillos lurking in your backyard. The strong smell will fend off not just armadillos but also the unwanted pests that might cause destruction in your house. It is important to take note that spreading the cayenne pepper might vary from the infestation, just enough sprinkle to your ground will do, as it can irritate people when sprinkled in big quantity.

  • Natural product
  • Efficient use
  • Cost-Effective
  • SQF Certified Facility
  • It might irritate some people

7. GARDEN SECRETS 3-in-1 Professional ULTRASONIC ANIMAL REPELLENT – Best Ultrasonic Repellent

[amazon box=”B0747BFDWS” tracking_id=”trap0e-20″] Get rid of troublesome armadillo and other garden pests with this product providing ultra-powerful ultrasonic and animal repellent deterrent sounds. This product is an immediate remedy for raccoons and skunks, deer, rabbits, mice, pigs, bees, pigeons, armadillos, cats, dogs, bats, possums, coyotes, bears, rabbits, and other unwanted pests lurking in your house.

100 Percent Quiet

The ultrasonic system of this repellent is completely silent because its sound is totally undetectable by a human ear. This feature makes sure that even at night, without upsetting your children or your neighbors, you will be able to get rid of pests effectively.

Efficient and Energy Saving

This product will make you save precious time and money with an efficient solar panel. On low-sun days, it will instantly charge the device’s battery, sparing you the need for a power supply and saving you the need to recharge your battery or purchase new ones.


Garden Secret’s Ultrasonic Animal Repellent is an outstanding ultrasonic armadillo repeller that utilizes advanced technology to provide a highly effective pest control solution. Specifically designed to repel armadillos, this device emits ultrasonic waves that are extremely unpleasant to these critters, keeping them away from your garden and protecting your plants. Garden Secret’s Ultrasonic Animal Repellent has received excellent ultrasonic armadillo repeller reviews from satisfied customers who have successfully repelled armadillos and kept their gardens free from these pests. The device’s ultrasonic waves create an uncomfortable environment for armadillos, encouraging them to leave the area and seek a more suitable habitat. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone dealing with armadillo-related garden damage.

  • No chemical added
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Resistant to light rain
  • Good for open spaces
  • Cannot stand harsh and other weather conditions


What is an armadillo?

Like humans, Armadillos are mammals. Directly opposed to what others may have learned, neither a rat nor a marsupial is an armadillo, and they are no more connected than humans to the opossum. They can be dangerous for they are wild animals.

What disease does an armadillo carry?

There are several illnesses that are related to armadillos. The mycobacterium leprae that is believed to cause leprosy may be borne by them. When they attack with their paws, the armadillos will carry on leprosy.

What does an armadillo sound like?

They will make sounds, such as screeching and scraping, which are similar to those of rodents. they even emit a sound that resembles the chirp of cricket when flying.

How do you keep armadillos out of your yard?

To keep armadillos out and to keep them from searching for food on your grounds, use an efficient castor oil-based repellent. Castor oil is an all-natural oil that absorbs the soil and repels armadillos in two ways: it robs underground sources of food (insects, grubs, etc.), leaving them uncomfortable to feed.

Does human urine repel armadillos?

Some people assume that the urine of ammonia, mothballs, and humans or a predator acts as a perfect repellent and scares away armadillos. However, in getting rid of armadillos, repellents just do not work all that well.

How to get rid of armadillos?

This successful approach may be strange, but to help deter them from coming into your space, you can always sprinkle cayenne pepper around your house, garden, or farm. Another remarkable way to repel armadillos is to get an outdoor dog. Also, Using a large earthworm-filled luring trap will help you capture an armadillo safely without killing them. Another way to avoid armadillos entering your house is to set up fences and netting around your house, farm or garden.

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to address the problem of armadillos easily, there are a lot of different things that you may want to take into consideration. First, choose the product that will determine how severe the infestation is, also, consider buying a product that is not easily washed off, have natural ingredients, a non-toxic and non-smelling product, and how easy it is to apply. These are something that will help you hold the whole population at bay, and it will also make it very easy to repel them.
The review of the product list above is something that you can take into account in any event, as failing to do so might theoretically expose your garden to disruptive burrowing because armadillos are certainly capable of doing a lot of harm.