Best Rodent Repellent – Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of battling pesky rodents invading your home or workplace? Look no further! Say goodbye to traditional mouse traps and toxic poisons, and say hello to the top rodent repellent on the market. Our best rodent repellent spray picks have been carefully selected and tested to keep your space rodent-free without compromising on safety or effectiveness. Let’s explore the most innovative and reliable solutions to keep those pesky rodents at bay.

[amazon table=”345″ tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] So, what are repellents? They are special agents, which contain substances, irritating the smell of rodents. When inhaled, the animals become disorient, experience nausea and vomiting, as in case of poisoning, and rush to leave the poisoned zone. There are many active ingredients in repellents, but the most effective irritants are considered methyl silicate and nonivamide.

Also, there is another type of repellent, which is considered a more helpful and non-violent way to get rid of those nasty intruders. This type of repellent emits high-frequency sound radiation which repels rodents. Rodents perceive sounds of a different range than humans. Therefore, such sound waves will cause terrible discomfort to rats, forcing them to go far away from your territory, but at the same time, they are harmless to people.

rodent repellent
Choosing an appropriate repeller requires thoughtful consideration. Remember, it is not enough to choose just an effective repeller, you have to buy a repeller, which can be safely used around people and pets. Therefore, we have prepared a review of the top 6 best repellents and a detailed buyer guide, for you to easily choose the perfect one!

1. Rodent Sheriff Ultra-Pure Peppermint Spray — Editor’s Choice

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Rodent Sheriff Peppermint Spray is famous for having natural ultra-pure pepper oils that contain no harmful ingredients for humans and animals in its composition. This best rodent spray scares off the rodents with a strong smell of fresh peppermint, forcing them to leave the room instead of using mousetraps or other ways to kill mice.

This product comes in two 16 fl. oz. bottles with a convenient diffuser. The solution itself has a minty fresh smell, which is so disliked by rodents, making them hurry to leave the room as soon as possible. The solution is sprayed in all places where rodents can live and within a few days, they finally leave.

Users praise the rodent sheriff review for its safe-to-use formula in residential environments and composition that is not harmful to animals and children. It effectively copes with getting rid of mice and serves as a good preventive measure. If you feel comfortable with a spray bottle format repellent, then you will also like this product.

  • Spray contains natural peppermint oil in the composition
  • Can be safely applied in residential areas where children and animals live
  • Helps to get off the rodents without killing them
  • Prevents rodents from coming back
  • High consumption
  • Effective on not very big areas
  • Not for large colony of rodents

2. Mouse Mix Natural Pest Deterrent — Amazon’s Choice

[amazon box=”B01MG87IAB” tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] This Moens Mouse Mix effects on rodents with the pungent smell of natural mint oil. Rodents hate mint and rush to leave the premises and are afraid to appear there again. This product is safe for people and animals, causes no allergic reactions or other side effects.

This repellent is produced in the form of granules, which are impregnated with peppermint oil. It causes the effect of tear gas on rodents. One package of the product covers a fairly large area and is valid for a month.

The product has shown good results in getting rid of mice and rats, as well as a being a preventive measure. It is enough to update the repellent every month and rodents will no longer bother you.

  • Helps to quickly and reliably remove rodents
  • Effective over a large area
  • Non-violent disposal of rodents
  • Natural peppermint oil makes the product safe for humans
  • You need to use a new package every month

3. T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller — Effective and not Harmful Repeller

[amazon box=”B00J1VJPUA” tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] T3-R Triple High Impact is a repeller that scares off different species of rodents with powerful sound radiation. It produces sounds, which are above the range of sound perception in usual humans and their pets, and is, therefore, safe to use.

The body of the device is produced of durable plastic and is equipped with 3 special speakers. It is possible to independently adjust the sound power, and the strength of the 3 ultrasonic speakers will enhance the efficiency. The device has a built-in stand, which allows you to install it on any hard surface. The kit also contains a cord 6 ft. long, which helps you install it in any convenient place.

Users note that it takes 1-2 weeks from the device to expel all the rodents from the living quarters, garages, pantries, and other rooms. This repellent has the most sufficient effect against such rodents as mice and rats, but it takes longer to expel squirrels. In general, this is a worthy gadget with good efficiency.

  • Three dynamics provide effective action against mice and rats
  • It is produced of durable eco-friendly materials
  • Works silently day and night
  • Doesn’t harm pets
  • Not that resultative against squirrels
  • Limited impact area
  • Not for outdoor usage

4. Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent — Vegan Rodent Control

[amazon box=”B00KX7CCXS” tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] The Fresh Cab Combo Pack has long appealed to many users for being an effective and non-violent method of removing rodents off the territory. It affects on rodents with the pungent, repelling scent of natural fresh oils. This scent makes rodents leave the room in a matter of a few weeks.

The product is produced in the format of pouches filled with grain granules. These granules are saturated with oils of lavender, fir, orange, and other natural extracts. For people, such a smell seems refreshing and pleasant, while rodents can not stand it. Each pouch affects an area of 130 sq. m. and we recommend replacing pouches with new ones every month.

This repellent is safe for humans and animals when it is used correctly. It should not be placed in living quarters, but in garages, storage facilities, and other buildings like these. It takes the mice out within 2 weeks, and it takes a little more time to remove the rats. In general, this is not only a good way to expel rodents, but also a worthy measure to prevent their occurrence again.

  • Vegan approved
  • Consists of biodegradable granules
  • Effectively eliminates mice
  • Convenient repeller release format
  • Sufficient area coverage
  • Works less effectively on rats
  • Pouches have to be replaced with new ones every month
  • Should not be applied for living spaces

5. Redeo 4 Pack Mole Repellents — Technological and Safe Solution for Removing Burrowing Rodents

[amazon box=”B087N2PSV6″ tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] The developers of Redeo 4 Pack Mole Repellents have embodied in their product the latest technologies which help get rid of burrowing rodents. All components of the repeller plunged into the ground and emit sound vibrations, scaring away burrowing rodents. This is a safe and effective way to save your garden from burrowing rodents.

The set consists of 4 posts, which are equipped with solar panels and reliable moisture resistance. This helps the repeller to operate efficiently in all conditions without interruption. Just install them in the ground and adjust the vibration power. No additional configuration or action is required.

The repellent impresses with its technology and ease of use. It easily frees your crops from burrowing rodents without killing them. This is a great option for those who want to rid their crops of burrowing rodents and prevent their occurrence in the future.

  • Effectively relieves crops from rodents
  • Incorporates the latest technology in the sphere of rodent-repelling
  • Safe for people and animals
  • Equipped with a solar battery
  • High degree of protection against moisture
  • High price

6. ZEROPEST Ultrasonic Pest Repeller — Get Rid of Rodents & Pests

[amazon box=”B0B9XWQQTN” tracking_id=”trap04e-20″] ZEROPEST Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is manufactured using the latest technical solutions. It safely relieves your home of rodents and insects by issuing special ultrasonic waves, which are imperceptible for humans. The repeller is absolutely safe for people and pets because it operates in a higher sound range.

The body of the ultrasonic repeller is made of high-quality durable plastic. It must be fixed at a distance of 30 sm above the ground and it is ready for use! It covers an area of 2000 sq. ft., and prevents rodents from returning to your home in the future.

This repeller have many positive reviews for its high performance and ease of use. But the final results of using this tool are noticeable not earlier than a month later.

  • Not harmful to the human health and safe for pets
  • Reliable device construction
  • Safe to use in residential areas
  • Easy to use and install
  • Makes a little noise
  • The result is noticeable after a month of use

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Rodent Repellent?

In this section, we will tell you how to choose the best repellent rodent for you and what features to look for when buying.

1. Repellent format

As you may have noticed, there are several repellent formats. The most popular among them are sprays, pouches, granules, and ultrasonic repellents. Each of the repellent formats is suitable for a specific type of room, rodent population, and usage.

2. Consider the characteristics of the area from where you are going to remove the rodents

For example, if food is stored in this place, then the rodents cannot be quickly expelled from there. An ultrasonic rodent repeller can fight them for about 1-2 months. For comparison, in conditions of absence of food and water, rodents will leave in about two weeks.

3. The size of the treated area

Pay attention to the declared area of coverage of the device and measure it with yours. It is important to notice that the packaging indicates the area of an empty room, respectively, evaluate the degree of utilization of furniture and things of your apartment, house, or office. Remember that repellents work best in empty and semi-empty spaces!

4. Rodent species

Before buying a repellent, it is important to find out which rodent it will be used against. For example, mice have a more sensitive sense of smell than rats, and they also run out of their burrows more boldly. Therefore, odorous repellents will help to drive them away. Moles and other burrowing rodents are very sensitive to underground vibrations. Ultrasonic vibrations will scare them and they will not return to your site.

5. Take care of pets

If you have pets at home, then be aware: repellents are safe and will not be able to harm animals and their hearing if they are used correctly. Ultrasound and odors can be troubling in cats, dogs and other pets like hamsters and guinea pigs because they have better hearing than humans and are sensitive to odors. Keep this in mind before purchasing a repellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying a new repellent, many people have various questions about this topic. We gladly answered the most popular ones!

Do Electronic rodent repellents really work?

Most electronic repellers emit only ultrasound – usually, these are low-cost, low-power models for small rooms. More expensive models can target both rodents and pests with electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound, and flashes of light. And, although it is possible to eliminate rodents with just one ultrasound. A combination of a few methods of exposure at once will give the best result, especially for large rooms.
It is necessary to remember that ultrasound cannot penetrate walls and floors, therefore a separate device will be required for each room. Ultrasound is well reflected from a solid surface (wood, concrete, glass) and is also well absorbed by soft surfaces – such as curtains, upholstered furniture, carpets, food bags. Therefore, it is important to turn on the rat repeller in the most empty room – this way it will work better.

What do Mice hate the most?

Mice are more sensitive to sounds and chatter. Ultrasonic, magnetic resonance, and electromagnetic rodent repellent devices are based on what sounds rats are afraid of. The equipment is designed to generate waves that are captured by rodents. The resulting sound irritates and repels parasites.
Also, mice hate the smells of burnt tires, burnt fluff or wool, naphthalene and kerosene. They are sensitive to the following plants: mint, elderberry, cilantro, daffodils, calendula, and tomato leaves.

What scent will keep rats away?

Using odor repellants is the safest, most humane, and the cheapest way to get rid of rats. Correctly selected odors of repellents will help drive rats’ families out of their homes and prevent them from returning.
They do not stand plant odors of mint, wormwood, elderberry, chamomile, feverfew, and even tansy. As for spices, mice hate coriander and cilantro. The principle of using all these plants is simple and straightforward: it is enough to decompose fresh or dried parts of the plants in the places, where the rodents are accumulated. Scents should be replaced with new ones every few days.

How to use peppermint oil as rodent repellent?

The most popular way to use peppermint oil is to mix it in a spray bottle:

• mint essential oil – 13-16 drops;

• water – 350-450 ml;

• alcohol – 15 ml.

Shake the mixture thoroughly and spread it over the places where rodents might live.

One procedure will not cause that much effect from the first time, so you should repeat it 2-3 times a week for 1 month and the rodents will leave you.

We also offer another way to apply peppermint oil in order to remove rodents.

Prepare a few cotton pads or pieces of cotton wool and moisten them with a mixture of essential peppermint oil and water. Then put a cotton pad in the place of the rodents’ outings, and seal it with tape, so that the smell does not actively spread into the apartment.

Which birds are good rodent repellent?

Several species of birds are considered good rodent repellents. Most often, these are birds of prey – eagles, falcons, hawks. Owls and seagulls also effectively help in the fight against rodents.

How to use fox urine for rodent repellent?

Most often, manufacturers produce this kind of rat repellent in the form of granules soaked in fox urine. This smell is a natural repeller for rodents because, in the wild, foxes are natural enemies of rats, mice, and other rodents. Spread the granules around the area and building from which you need to expel the rodents, and they will leave your area very soon.


Today the market offers a huge assortment of rodent repellents. It is important to choose the one from the best rodent repellent reviews, which will be convenient to use, will not harm pets and your health. Getting rid of rodents at home is not easy. You should remember, that choice of the perfect repellent depends on the room and the number of rodents.

During the “mouse” season (autumn-winter), go around your territory and assure that no mouse holes and nests in the grass and bushes appear nearby. This simple measure will help protect your territory from enemy raids. If you resort to preventive measures, then rodents will not appear on your territory.