Does Alcohol Kill Roaches: TheTerrible Truth

In this blog post, we will be discussing whether alcohol kills roaches or not. We’ll also discuss whether rubbing alcohol is enough to kill a roach. Alcohol does have some properties that can be used to repel and kill pests such as roaches. This article explores whether or not alcohol kills roaches and whether or not it’s a viable way of getting rid of them from your home for good!

Does Alcohol Kill Roaches: TheTerrible Truth 1

Pieces of Advise to Get Rid of Roaches Using Alcohol

You are not alone if you are asking whether alcohol kills roaches. Some internet resources advise to use alcohol to get rid of your roach problem. The following ways are usually proposed:

  • Pour some rubbing on the floor where you know they live and wait for them to cross it.
  • You can also pour alcohol down their hole, if you know where it is, and then put some kind of cover over the opening so they can’t escape.


  • Make a spray of the rubbing alcohol.

Does Alcohol Kill Roaches: TheTerrible Truth 2

Alcohol can also be mixed with soap to make a spray, and this is said to kill roaches on contact. You will need: — – Soap – any type will do.

– Rubbing alcohol – 70% or 90% is best.

– Water – about ½ cup per gallon of mixture.

Mix the soap, alcohol, and water together in a container. Shake well before using. Spray directly onto cockroaches or their nests. The high percentage of alcohol in this mixture will kill them quickly. Reapply as necessary until the problem is solved. Be sure to keep pets and children away from the area while you are spraying and let the solution dry completely before allowing anyone back into the area.

Does Rubbing Alcohole Really Works?

Yes, rubbing alcohol is effective against roaches, although it is picky about when it works. Every cockroach has a shell that serves as both an air sac and a way to breathe. It takes repeated spraying of the isopropyl alcohol on the roach until it dies. However, you must spray the roach directly and soak it in enough alcohol to suffocate it. You might kill some one or two of the clolony.

Some people say whether rubbing alcohol kill roaches, while others say that whether alcohol kill roaches. It’s time to find out the truth!

  • Do roaches like the smell of rubbing alcohol? The strong aroma of rubbing alcohol has no impact on cockroaches. It will not drive them away, yet it won’t entice them either. Spray this all over the windows and doors, but don’t expect anything to happen.
  • Rubbing alcohol does not kill cockroaches because it evaporates before they can absorb enough of the liquid to be killed. In reality, while rubbing alcohol may cause their death in some cases, it is typically due to dehydration and exposure rather than poisoning.This means that whether alcohol kills cockroaches is up for debate.

Does Alcohol Kill Roaches: TheTerrible Truth 3


  • If insects drink large quantities of alcohol over a long period of time, it will poison and eventually kill them. The same goes for whether rubbing alcohol kills cockroaches: it takes too long for them to consume enough of the liquid to die from its effects.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol, like all other chemical cleaners, has the potential to harm you if sprayed about and the vapors enter your lungs. Rubbing alcohol can cause a rash, dryness, and a headache when used on the skin. Inhalation of rubbing alcohol can also result in dry mouth and nasal congestion. It may also induce unconsciousness and death if applied excessive.

It’s not a good idea to use any kind of alcohol in an area where there are small children or pets because it could lead to accidental consumption of the chemical which could be fatal for them!

Summing Up

Alcohol can be used to repel and kill pests, including roaches. However, it’s not a proven method of killing them for good since alcohol doesn’t dry out the body enough to prevent them from coming back. If you want to get rid of your pesky pest problem for good, try using an exterminator or other methods that are more effective!